A Beginner's Guide To Adding Cheese To Bread


If you would like to give your party something that they are almost guaranteed to fall in love with, why not bake some cheese into a loaf of bread. Tearing off a piece of a cheesy loaf will make the whole experience much more savory. The bread can be used as an appetizer or a side dish. It pairs very well with a bowl of soup. The bread can be placed in the center of the table with everyone tearing a piece whenever they so desire.

11 May 2017

Planning A Luau For Backyard Fun: What To Expect From A Catering Service

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A luau is a great way to celebrate a great sunny day with excellent food, wonderful music, and fun decor that everyone can enjoy. Hiring a catering service to make this special event truly memorable can save you the stress of decorating and preparing food yourself. Here is what you can expect from your catering company when planning your backyard luau to entertain your family and friends. Specialty foods

13 March 2017

Mexican-Themed Party Menu Ideas

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With the right ambiance and menu items, you can make guests feel as though they're in a quaint, cozy Mexican restaurant when they attend your party. A Mexican restaurant theme is ideal for a wide range of special event types, such as birthday or holiday parties, anniversary soirees and graduation celebrations. It's even more appropriate if the party celebrant's or honoree's favorite cuisine is Mexican.  A Mexican party menu is sure to be a crowd-pleaser if you include a variety of traditional, vegetarian and even vegan items.

15 February 2017